Study of Migration and Mobility in the Age of Disruption with Socio-Economic Changes


  • Jason Lee


It has been declared that the term mobility is familiar with a movements of human life in World. The study of mobility shows how the human life is critical in the behavior and environment of living. These is bound with aspects of unequal power relation and various forms. In every age this migration can happens with the percepts of living and thinking of human.The disruption is main problem in age of living human, these disruption in every matter may lead to the migration problem as well as other health problem. In this paper the study of induce reason have done for the term migration and mobility in the age of disruption in human. We have taken many interviews in India and other countries for finding reasons of migration and mobility in depth. The men and women in different ages have clear symptoms of these today issues. These paper engages in competition of age of disruption in human life lead to migration. The built in structure shows that the movement of person migrate from one place to another and these is most significant moment in their life, so how someone looking back to this situation. These situation of last stories may give mobility of thinking this stuck.