Building Superior Human Resources through Character Education


  • E. Handayani Tyas
  • Sunarto ‎
  • Lamhot Naibaho


This study aims to explain that early character education can build superior human resources. The formal education of human children starts from the early childhood education level up to the University, so that they become educated and cultured human beings. Educators should be responsible to their responsibilities and teach the students to refer to learning that is based on religious moral values, the values found in Pancasila, and the values ??that exist in the local wisdom environment. This research was conducted at the Indonesian Christian University, with the research method used is library research, namely by utilizing published research results related to this topic as a source of data to answer the problems in this study taken online. The findings of this study are to build superior human resources, the education process must start from the family as the smallest unit of society that will have a big impact later on as adults and live in society by equipping children early on with the character of honesty, discipline, and noble character or universal moral values ??that must be taught to students, the better the character of the student, the better human resources they have, the better human resources they have, the least willing to do corruption in the future. Thus it can be concluded that in minimizing the corruption, the character education needs to be improved both in the family and in the educational environment (formal and non-formal) for the development of superior human resources.