Cybersecurity Domains Classification Using Mind Mapping Technique forPublic Knowledge


  • Melwin Syafrizal
  • Siti Rahayu Selamat
  • Nurul Azma Zakaria


Some reference books, ebooks, to scientific research publications in the field of cybersecurity introduce cybersecurity domains that differ according to the character of the organisation/business. Quite confusing for beginners to understand cybersecurity more deeply and understand the scope of security covered by cybersecurity. This review aims to provide the public with an understanding of the cybersecurity domain. The author uses literature review from various sources, printed documents and online and uses specific search keywords on search engines, then analyses per topic to be able to deduce appropriate cybersecurity domain criteria. Then the domains are further developed using sub-categories of cybersecurity that are more specific to their respective environments and are represented by mind mapping. Domain suitability testing through a series of observations on the implementation of cybersecurity in organisations/businesses. The contribution of this review paper is the cybersecurity domain for public needs, as knowledge for the community and business/organisational owners.