Mixed convective flows on Al2O3 – Engine oil nano fluid under the influence of thermal radiation & magnetic field over a vertical circular cylinder


  • M. Radha Madhavi
  • M. Veeranjaneyulu
  • Jefta Mukaye Sunzu
  • N. Srimannarayana
  • N. Vijaya


The Present study investigates a vertical circular cylinder immersed in mixed convective fluid and the effect of boundary layer flow over of a nano fluid Alumina (Al2O3) nano particle with engine oil as the base fluid was studied under the impact of magnetic field, thermal radiation with suggested external flow. The radiative heat loss is modelled by Rosseland estimations. The partial differential equations are modified into ordinary differential equations by using similarity variables. The technique of Runge- Kutta –Fehlberg with shooting is used to solve modified ODE numerically. The influences on velocity and temperature contours for Alumina Engine oil nanofluid the nanoparticle volume fraction are obtainable through plots. The impact of various pertinent parameters on velocity and temperatures Profiles are analyzed through numerous plots. The co-efficient of skin friction &Nusselt number for various relevant parameters are calculated and values are tabulated.