Load Calculation of Air Conditioner for an Electric Bus in Indian Climate Condition


  • Suman Majumder
  • Shekhar Ranjan Gautam
  • Krishnarti De
  • Kondavalasa Sai Kumar


The rapidly increasing number of vehicles and the alarming levels of air pollution is the recent issue India is dealing with. One of the possible solutions is a paradigm shift towards electric based mass transit systems. The large-scale implementation of electric based transit systems for India is challenging due to its weak electricity grid, further given with the climatic conditions the passenger comfort of such transit system is also an issue. Hence, in this work the common comfort of the passengers by using the auxiliary device in the electric based transit system (air-conditioner) has been addressed. From the study of research works, it has been observed that though there are many works on the architecture, storage and interconnection with grid of such transit systems, the loading analysis with the auxiliary equipment has not been presented yet. This work presents cooling load analysis of an E-bus considering the climatic conditions of Indian cities. A simulation model is also presented to show the battery charging technique for an electric based transportation system. The results of the analysis show that with proper cooling load analysis and rating of the air-conditioner, the passenger comfort is ensured in the Indian climatic conditions.