A Review on detection mechanisms used in Wireless Sensor Network for DoS attacks


  • Kanaga Suba Raja S
  • Sobini X. Pushpa


Wireless sensor networks are growing because of their effectiveness and low cost. WSN consists of numbers of small sensor nodes which are deployed in remote areas to sense real-time events. Collected information are processed and transmitted to base stations for further processing. Nowadays wireless sensor network became the key technology for Internet of Things. Sensor nodes are with limited resources and power. Providing security mechanisms as in wired network will not work for WSN because of limited resources. So protecting sensor network from various attacks is a difficult task. Denial of Service (DoS) attack is one which denies a network to provide its intimate service to the end user. DoS attacks takes place in different layers of sensor network architecture. For the detection of DoS attack lot of authentication algorithms are proposed so far. This paper presents a detailed review on various detection mechanisms used nowadays to detect DoS attacks in the WSNs.