The Analysis and Test of the Effectiveness of Resili-ence Module (MR) in Improving Counselors' Skills to Increase Student Resilience Post-disaster


  • Daharnis Daharnis
  • Ifdil Ifdil
  • Taufik Taufik
  • Afdal Afdal


The purpose of this study is to analyzed of effectiveness of Resilience Module (MR) in improving Counselors' Skills to increase student resilience post-disaster. This is quasi-experiment research with data obtained from 15 counselors divided into one group pretest and posttest designs using the Training Session Instrument (TRI-1). The results showed the following 1) the counselors’ level of knowledge and skills before the resilience module training were in the low category, 2) their knowledge and skills were in high category after the resilience module training, and 3) there is a significant difference between their skills before and after the training. Therefore, training by using resilience module is effective in improving counselors' skills and student's resilience during post-disaster. In conclusion, counselors need to be trained to use resilience module in an effort to increase student's resilience in areas potentially affected by natural and other forms of disasters.