Model Development through Reconfiguring Teaching, Research and Innovation Outputs for Commercialisation Success


  • Quinton Chamunorwa Kanhukamwe
  • Sanjeev Sharma
  • Pritam Babu Sharma
  • Suresh Kumar Garg


The effective and successful commercialization of research and innovation outputs, requires a careful appraisal of a university framework that can deliver a systematic model for research, development and commercialization of intellectual property.The model presented in this section was based on an overlapping Triple Helix Model. The testing and validation of the model was based on the developed instruments and Guidelines, Policies and Procedures to support the model and implemented at the Harare Institute of Technology.  Collection of data using interviews and guided questions, stakeholder consultations, meetings held at several institutions were done and proved useful for deriving model specifications. Questions regarding intellectual property rights and sharing of profits dominated much of the discussions. The collected data and methods used for collection of data was sufficient to develop the model.The model developed brought about a systematic research and development framework which resulted in commercialisation of research and innovation output success.