A Novel Knowledge-Based Authentication Framework using Correlation Coefficient and LU Factorization approaches


  • Namratha Pullalarevu
  • Shoba Bindu Chigarapalle
  • Srilakshmi Sirivaram


Secure Cloud storage is achieved by applying encryption. The prevailing method for encrypting a huge amount of text is symmetric encryption. The proposed cryptographic key management service offers Envelope encryption. Envelope encryption is a process of encrypting one key with another key.   User can protect secret key against compromise attack by using threshold cryptography. Data Encryption Key is divided into a number of shares. A new Key exchange technique based on LU-factorization is proposed. Now the shares are distributed securely i.e. encrypted by the key exchanged. Users are verified by trusted third-party before acquiring a minimum number of shares for key reconstruction. A Knowledge-based authentication method using the Correlation coefficient is designed to verify the authenticated users. Hybrid cloud model comprising a private cloud and a public cloud is considered in the proposed method. Private cloud is used to store sensitive data like user details, shares of key and master keys.  Encrypted data files are stored in public cloud. Comparative analysis on the proposed techniques and existing techniques is done.