Job Satisfaction: An Outcome of Internal Marketing and Employee Motivation


  • Jyoti Kukreja


Optimism is essential for individuals and organizations alike. It keeps people in form of customers, employees, vendors and other stakeholders contented and productive. Positive or negative attitude held by an individual towards their jobs indicates the level of job satisfaction or dissatisfaction respectively. Since personnel especially in the services sector need to exert more of emotional labor to perform tasks and execute projects. While performing jobs according to the given rules or out of competency and passion makes difference in the motivation levels of employees.
The present study had been an exploration of the concept of internal marketing practices for motivating employees to secure them from job dissatisfaction. A sample size of 115 private sector bank employees and 113 public sector bank employees recorded responses on the structured questionnaire which was self-administered. Statistical analytical tools such as SPSS and AMOS were applied to test the relationship.
With internal marketing program being more rigorously practiced in private sector, job satisfaction was reported higher in private sector banks than public sector bank employees. This paper brings insights for what can help escalate internal marketing and job satisfaction through employees’ motivation in the banking industry.