Wireless Sensor Node Design and Development for Hazardous Gas Detection and Monitoring of Air Quality in Industrial Environment using IoT


  • S. Suryaprakash
  • M. Mathan Kumar
  • N.Vinoth Kumar


Air pollution is increasing exponentially day by day and they have a lasting impact on people’s health and ecosystem. Though vehicles contribute to air pollution, Industries are one of the major contributors. To have more profit, industries in greed go on to break some rules regarding their emissions. They leave out toxic gases directly into the atmosphere without even treating and reduce their concentration. When the level of toxic gases in atmosphere increases, it will lead to acid rain or create respiratory problems in people. Even monuments of a country are affected by this air pollution. The major aim of the project is to develop a wireless sensor node network which can be placed in any target industry to monitor their   emissions and give proper real time information to the pollution control authority and also alert them, if these emissions exceed the standard critical limits. A server application is developed in this phase to maintain all the sensed data and have a backup over them. They also help the corresponding authorities to know how many times a target industry has crossed its limits. This will help to have a control over the target industry and prevent them from making their hands dirty.