Overview of Facts Devices for Power System Stability and Power Quality Concepts


  • M Mohanraj


This review paper tells various FACTS devices like STATCOM, UPFC for the improvement of power system stability and power quality. The increase in power demand increases the interconnection of the power system of various sources comprising the renewable energy source, so when demand increases the control over power system also becomes more complex, it may cause more reactive power will flow through system affects the system stability and power quality The economical solution to overcome this issue is to use FACTS (Flexible AC Transmission systems) devices.. In this paper, two FACTS devices are considered namely STATCOM and UPFC, a 13 bus sample system is considered in which four buses are connected with wind energy system and other buses are considered as load buses, due to fluctuating nature of the wind the power quality issues generated are rectified using FACTS diplomacies and it is simulated  using MATLAB. The obtained simulation results are tabulated with STATCOM and UPFC with different performance indices.