Design and Simulation of Conformal Wideband Ingestible Antenna for WCE System


  • Thyla B
  • V. Thulasi Bai


Wireless capsule endoscope systems (WCE) is a easiest and comfort technology for the diagnosis of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract observations. In this paper, the designed conformal wideband antenna which operates at 2.4 GHz is implanted inside the stomach tissue of the ANSYS human body model with smaller size, of dimensions (3.8*3) mm. The ingestible - body capsule transmitter has the characteristics of tuning because of the electronic modules within the capsule. But the Ultra-wideband characteristic overcomes this demerit by tolerating the tuning effects when the capsules travel at the near vicinity of various tissues is the region of interest.  The ground plane is made partial to attain the necessary frequency and better gain with a return loss of -16.2 dB. Also the parameters of the patch antenna such as gain and directivity are measured. Specific Absorption Rate is also evaluated inside the stomach tissue of the ANSYS human body model. Finally, the simulated results are compared with the existing system.