Design of Elliptical Shaped Patch Antenna for RF Energy Harvesting


  • Sadasivam S
  • V. Thulasi Bai


In this work an elliptical shaped patch antenna for 8 GHz frequency is designed along with the RF energy harvesting circuit. The elliptical shaped patch antenna was designed and simulated using HFSS results with gain (7.5dBi), directivity (7.4dBi) and efficiency (89%). The antenna is fabricated using FR-4 material and was tested. The simulated and fabricated antenna results are then compared and then found that fabricated antenna results are much better than the simulated results. Then the matching network was designed using ADS software along with 50? line as it is used to exactly match the circuit with ambient resistance. The half wave rectifier circuit is also designed in ADS for converting the harvested RF energy to its equivalent DC voltage. The overall module can capture RF energy from ambient which is converted to 0.767V by the rectifier circuit which can be used to on and off any low power sensor networks. Further with the design of suitable voltage multiplier circuits the generated DC voltage can be increased.