Proposal for a Sustainable Infrastructure Design (Ecolodge) in the Quichas Town, Perú


  • Ciro Rodriguez
  • Doris Esenarro
  • Pilar Ccorimanya
  • Fabiana Flores
  • Carmen Aylas
  • Jessica Lagos


The Ecotourism is an alternative to social-economic development, especially in places where biodiversity is abundant, and that is why viable and sustainable alternatives must be generated for its realization. The application of a bioclimatic architecture is proposed to generate the least possible negative impact. Sustainable ecotourism principles and the use of biodegradable materials in the area that harmonize with nature will be taken into account to generate a good low impact ecotourism practice to promote the socio-economic, environmental and cultural development of the inhabitants. This proposal for a sustainable infrastructure design (ecolodge) is based on the collection of information from the people of Quichas. It uses the adobe in the construction and thermal insulation in the ceilings; it has a recreation area and uses renewable energy sources taking advantage of the climate of the area.