A Fuzzy Controller based D-STATCOM for Induction Motor Drive Applications to Power Quality Improvement


  • M Rama Prasad Reddy
  • Karanam Deepak
  • G Ramana
  • M Bhagya Lakshmi


In this article represent the development of fuzzy controller based DSTATCOM and placed at the load side in the EDS (Electrical distribution system), so in the load side which can be eliminate the power quality problems of input side (like voltage sags, swells and etc...). So improvement of power quality fuzzy controller based DSTATCOM will absorb along with supply reactive power to eliminate the voltage sags, swells and get better power factor in different circumstances. The main advantages of D-STATCOM designed for resolve power quality issues due to voltage sags, swells etc., have be recommended. The principle of fuzzy based D-STATCOM is to supply the better voltage regulation through the short period of the induction motor appliances starting as well as hence avoid the large voltage dips. So in this paper simulates a fuzzy based D-STATCOM for industrial induction applications and also check the performances of induction motor drives like speed, torque and stator currents by using MATLAB /SIMULINK software.