Minimization of Routing Overhead by Energy Estimation, Traffic Analysis and Destination Location Tracking in MANET


  • A. Sathiyaraj
  • Suresh Vaka
  • K. Anitha
  • P. Sreedhar


In MANET ,node  within its transmission range can be communicated directly   and the nodes that are out of  its transmission range  may be communicate via other intermediate nodes .In many cases reactive routing protocol in MANET uses AOMDV for route discovery ,but it may lead to routing overhead due to flooding of RREQ and RREP packet. A node consumes some energy level for receiving and forwarding data packets. A path loss may happen due draining of node energy level or node moves out of coverage area. In our proposed system, novel Enhanced Energy and load aware adhoc on demand multi path distance vector routing (EEALA-AOMDV) protocol is used for minimizing path loss and routing overhead. In this instead of broadcasting RREQ packet, we are going to multicast only to few neighbor nodes. The neighbor node is selected based on the energy level, available node inter queue space and location of the destination node. The proposed systems not only minimize the path loss and routing overhead but also establish the best path between source and destination.