Air Pollution Monitoring System using MQ Sensors


  • M Pushpavalli
  • J Fayazdheen
  • K Deepak


Today in modern world pollution increases enormously as it leads to diseases like heart and lungs failure, skin cancer, diabetics etc and its leads to death in small ages. Air pollution is the major pollution which was caused by pollutant like carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, ozone, particulate matter. Mainly cities are affected by air pollution than the rural areas. Implementing to detect air pollution using cost efficient sensor are easy. Sensor has become one of the emerging technology which sense data from the environment. Arduino Microcontroller to program and analyse the data. Sensor are placed in different environment where different harmful emission like vehicular emission (SO2), sewage gas (CH4, H2S), industry emission (CO2, CH4) are present hence in particular area which emission is harmful can be identified. Hence air pollution is continuously monitored and require measures can be taken for the environment to be in safety level for living beings. Main advantage of this is that it is cost efficient, less consumption of power, eco-friendly, stability and accuracy.