Design and Implementation of Smart Surveillance for Energy Saving of Street Lamps in Rural Areas


  • S.Kanaga Suba Raja
  • M. Vivekanandan
  • T. Ameer Salman
  • M.Arun Sathya
  • V. Koushik


Nowadays, there are a lot of street lamps present in each area in order to prevent the darkness. The city street lamp has to be monitored in order to maintain both safety and energy conservation. Therefore, street lamps are an integral part of an urban area. To overcome certain problems, smart surveillance of street lamp is proposed. In the existing system, the street lamps are monitored manually. A common switch will be present in any control station which is used to switch on and off the lamps. So this creates unwanted power usage in an unnecessary time period. So in the existing system, the power consumption is very high and theft of street lights cannot be restricted. Both manual management and light perception control adopt manual patrol to check broken street lamps.