Accident Detection and Avoidance System using Ultra Sonic Sensor


  • R. Nandhini
  • Abirami. K
  • Gokila C
  • Salorarani K
  • Rubika. V


Internet of Things is a growing technology that has the ability to change the way we live. In IoT desires, each and every' item' has the limit to speakme with each other that brings the possibility of Everything's Internet while being doubtful. Different IoT companies can fill our coronary heart with pleasure through more genuine, more and more adroit day lifestyles. Having Internet Of Things will render a life saver computer in organizing some fantastic enterprises. We have shown in this undertaking an IoT engaged philosophy that can offer emergency correspondence and territory in a far-flung vehicle that encounters a terrible incident or some distinguishing emergency situation. Following an incidents or an emergency, the system either begins usually or may be initiated bodily. Dependent upon type of an emergency (police and safety, fire and rescue, therapeutic, or normal) it starts offevolved correspondence and gives crucial data for instance sector informations, a incredible deal of relevant snap shots taken from prefixed focuses, and so forth with affordable server/grasp. Game plan of an astute constant sight and sound correspondence, non-stop vicinity following, and so on were composed to the proposed machine to display screen the proper condition logically stray pieces. The configuration of the structures was prepared with three Configuration B and UMTSSDPA correspondence shown in Raspberry Pi.