Disease Detection in Plant Leaf using Image Processing


  • R.Krishna Kumar
  • B. Akalya
  • Mohammed Furnoze
  • K.Praveen Kumar
  • T.V Preethiksha


Agriculture plays a vital role in the income of a nation as 16% of the total GDP belongs on it.India supplies a number of agricultural resources like fruits,vegetables,seedsetc to another nation and earn revenue from it.In Agriculture plant disease occurs at leaves,stem,fruitsetc that reduces the quantity and quality of the food which reduces the production .In most of the plants leaves is the foremost thing that gets affected.In order to increase the productivity it is necessary to identify the disease in the early stage .It is difficult for any persons to identify manually.
The identification can be done using deep learning algorithm for achieving greater efficiency and accuracy .The identification can be done using various algorithm such as Convolutional neural network ,K-means Algorithm and SVM Classifier.Many essential research have been done in the field to provide benefits in detecting the symptoms as soon as theappear .Plant disease can be detected by image processing.The main aim of our project is to identify the disease and provide necessary pesticides to increase the quality of the crops.