The Use of Information and Communication Technologies in the Improvement of Logistics Solutions for the Transport of Coal


  • Victor Gorin
  • Alexei Stepanov
  • Olga Tettsoeva
  • Artem Merenkov
  • Vladimir Savchenko-Belsky


The article describes the basics of coal transportation by rail in the Russian Federation. As a result of the study, barriers were identified, growth points were identified in the area of improving logistics solutions. It is shown that the main direction of solutions to problems in the field of coal transportation is the organization of transportation, which, however, can be solved by applying modern information and communication technologies. The authors emphasize the importance of the adopted decisions of the President and the Government of the Russian Federation in terms of the implementation of railway digitalization projects. The analysis of the prospects for the implementation of a digital approach to the optimization of logistics solutions for the transport of coal according to the methods of benefit-threat. The main environmental factors that shape the field of risk scenarios in the development of the coal industry in Russia are identified. As a result of the study, conclusions were formulated, the main directions of technical development were determined, the potential of their use in improving the client-oriented approach to the transport of coal by rail was clearly demonstrated.