Energy Optimization Mechanism to Improve Energy Efficiency of Mobile Device Interface for Mobile System


  • Shalini Prasad
  • Shaliesh B S


Wireless communication and networking technologies use higher speed network interface devices. These wireless network devices are the power hungry component of the cellular device. The results of power consumption leads to high operating cost and a greater failure rate of the device. This has become a major cause of concern which has imposed challenges towards the development of greater performance system. The key concept to decrease power consumption is to disable all the sub-antennas and their RF chains. The technology employed by wireless communication devices to improve the capacity, is to use Multiple-Input
Multiple-Output (MIMO) scheme. This paper, initially discusses the basic mechanism of power management. Then, we introduce a novel scheme that effectively resolves the issue of reducing energy per bit. We utilize Matlab tool to assess the energy efficiency of receiving antennae. The outcome shows that antenna management can successfully diminish energy per bit to equate with a static MOBILE DEVICE design that keeps all antenna apparatus active.