Coconut Oil Based Low Temperature Liquid Hair Oil Formulations with BUTYL Ester and ETHYL Ester Modifications


  • S. C. Mishra
  • R. K. Trivedi


Coconut oil based low temperature liquid hair oil formulations have been developed with Coconut oil’s ethyl ester and butyl ester modifications. Ethyl alcohol and butyl alcohols were used for trans-esterification of the Coconut Oil using sodium methoxide chemical and Eversa Transform 2.0 Lipase enzyme catalysts. The sodium methoxide catalyst used was 0.4% for interesterification of the ethyl and butyl esters with coconut oil at115ºc for 1 hours. The Ethyl Esters (E.E.) obtained had 0°C Solidification Point (S.P.) and butyl Esters (B.E.) (-2ºC) S.P. by using chemical catalyst. The enzymatic Method resulted (-2ºC, S.P.) Ethyl Esters and (-5º C, S.P. ) Butyl Esters products. The ester-ester interchange reaction of Coconut Oil with E.E. and B.E. yielded the hair oil formulations of the required S.P. of below 5ºC at optimum ratio. The physical properties of the low temperature hair oil formulations were analysed and compared with the market samples of the leading brands of the coconut oil based hair oils for winter use.