A Comparative Study for ONOS Reactive and Intent Forwarding Technique in Network Performance


  • Fathul Arif Kamarudin
  • Megat Norulazmi Megat Mohamed Noor
  • Fuead Ali


The standard of network instability performed by numerous undertakings from telco enterprises rises a new type of hurdle in dealing with the ever-expanding traffic over a similar WAN. The probability of risk and venture involves with regards to such service frequently decreased the chance to grasp its performance in a proper environment. Additionally, the need to physically change the policies into low-level command often results to human error. This study is to address the impacts of SDN (Software-Defined Network) on network performance towards the distinctions between the reactive and intent forwarding technique based on the evaluation matrix. The testbed is performed under Mininet test system which hooked with ONOS (Open Network Operating System) controller. Mesh type topology with a fix parameter matrix is set; utilizing a pseudo-random topology generator. The expected result from this study is to demonstrate the changes on the network performance under two classes of forwarding; reactive and intent based on the evaluation matrix. This study contributes towards acknowledging the viability of SDN design on network performance and to improve future benchmarking on SDN testbed.