Development of Electrical Appliance Controller using Kinect V2 and Arduino Uno


  • Afiq Adli Bin Mohd Nasir
  • Ainor Khaliah Mohd Isa
  • Zuhanis Binti Mansor


Nowadays, robotics technologies have been grown rapidly in most countries where it been used to replace humans in doing tasks or work, especially in an unsafe or hazardous environment. This paper will be based on these robotic concepts and concentrate on the patient that disable to move. The development of this patient electrical appliances controller will help the patient to self-control the appliances without having to move a lot — this controller operated by using a wireless controller and movement of human gestures. The method is implemented by using the Kinect sensor technology that interfaces with Arduino Uno and relay. The Kinect sensor recognises the skeleton frame from the patient and reads the gesture that already programs in the system. The data from the Kinect sensor sent to the microcontroller unit to be processed and matched with the human selected button display. The Arduino Uno which embedded with the microcontroller that acts as an interface between the Kinect sensor and the relay perform the process to take out the output. This controller will improve the current safety and health system of a patient in a hospital bedroom and even at home.