Educational Tourism Development Based on the Visitor Tipology in Djuanda Forest Park Bandung


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  • Ratu Ratna Mulyati Karsiwi


A tourist destination should always develop its product so that the consumers (visitors) are not bored so it can continue to attract more visitors. Likewise, the tourist area of Djuanda Forest Park Bandung needs to perform tourism development, which, in this study, was studied through the concept of educational tourism. Data was collected through a questionnaire survey distributed to 100 visitors and interviews with several visitors. The data analysis shows that the concept of educational tourism has the potential to be applied or developed in Djuanda Forest Park with alternative tourism product development as follows: attractions (culinary and arts events, historical and natural tours, farm experience, and school camps), amenities (arrangement of stalls, provision of additional trash cans, and provision of additional seating), and accessibility (installation of block paving for muddy roads, repair of bicycle and stroll lanes, and the addition of road signs)..