Design of Miniature Ship for Measuring Quality of Water Using Modified Fuzzy


  • Yoriza Afisa Tarigan
  • Unang Sunarya
  • Atik Novianti


Water is one of the most important elements in life. All living things need water as well as human being. This paper addressed the design of miniature ship consisting pH, temperature, and turbidity sensor. These sensors have function to sense parameters of water that could be used to determine the quality of water. The experiment used Arduino Uno as a device to process the output of sensors. A modified fuzzy method has been applied to classify 3 of qualities water: unsafe, safe, and worthy. The results of the classifier fuzzy then would be sent to cloud service named Geeknesia. Utilizing cloud service Geeknesia, the ship could be controlled and monitored wirelessly using esp8266 interface. The MQTT protocol has been used as communication protocol between controller and cloud server to send the data and command. Based on single experiment sensor, our design ship could measure pH with accuracy of 100% after calibration, 98.92% of temperature and turbidity 0-50 NTU with 1.68 seconds average delay during monitoring process. Overall, our implemented method could classify the quality of water through sensed parameter very well..