The Contribution of Brand Involvement and Involvement Event on Brand Awareness


  • Muhamad Rizky
  • Rahmat Hidayat
  • Sri Widaningsih


One of the keys to the success of an event is the amount of consumer brand awareness of an event that is carried out. Nowadays, many event managers are falling because of the decline in demand for organizing an event, and from some of the literature that I get, many things can influence brand awareness of an event, namely brand involution and event involution. PT. DealproIndonesia is one of the successful event management companies with many projects they accomplished but their brand awareness is still very low.
The purpose of this research is to know the influence of Brand involvement (X1) and Event Involvement (X2) To Brand Awareness (Y) case studies on PT.Dealpro Indonesia in 2019. This type of research is quantitative research, analytical techniques and the data we do is double linear regression, with respondents as many as 100 people who know and have participated in the event that is held Dealpro Indonesia.
Based on the questionnaire that has been distributed by the researchers, the result of the response to the Brand involvement that is performed is 82.23% in the category of excellent Catagori, and for the Event involvement of 79.18% which means In good terms, while for the response the respondents Brand Awareness has a value of 76.06% which means in the category of good catagories when viewed with a continuum.
The result of this research is the influence of Brand Involvement and Event Involvement against the Brand Awareness with a test result of t thitung Brand Involvement 3.365 > This 1,987, and for Event inovlement 20,964 > This 1.987 and by using the test F can be learned that brand Involvement and Event Involvement simultaneously affect brand awareness. The contribution of Event involvement and Brand Awareness of 87,4%, which is 12.6% influenced by other factors not researched by authors such as Brand and Fit.