Researchers in Social Media Platform across Disciplines – A Qualitative Study


  • M. Sasikala
  • A. Veliappan


The advent of Internet paved new methods to disseminate knowledge and information. The Internet has evolved in a way that new web-based technological innovations constantly grow and one such great invention is social media. Social media networks help students and researchers to process, store and share knowledge in a common platform. Researchers share their articles on different social media such as ResearchGate, Twitter, Facebook etc. Social Media plays a pivotal role for students and researchers. It has changed the way of study. It has proved to be effective in research purposes. This article attempts to explore different social media platforms research scholars use to disseminate their research output. Data was collected from WoS and and they are analyzed. Analytical results show that research scholars us Research Gate platform. Mendely and Twitter platforms are widely used by scholars than Facebook. As regards discipline-wise variation, Science discipline has wider coverage than other disciplines.