Inventory Management Application of Drug using FIFO Method


  • Reza Budiawan
  • Jodhy K. Simanjuntak
  • Ely Rosely


Stock recording process and distribution are the essential processes of the inventory management process. It is about recording the incoming item and out. Stock must be carefully recorded so that there is no mismatch between the recorded value in the application and the availability at the warehouse. One form of item that must be properly recorded is medicine. In the health sector, the health office has arranged this activity. This process includes recording the distribution of drugs; recording drug purchases; and recording the amount of drug stock. This recording activity is related to the processing of inventory data. Inventory is an important thing to handle because it will affect the size and cost of planning operations and distribution activities later. There are 2 types of drugs distribution is determined by Minister of Health Regulation: FEFO (First Expired First Out) and FIFO (First In First Out). This research conducts a study to build and design an application for recording the management of drug stock using the FIFO method.