The Effect of Content Marketing on Instagram Application for Customer Engagement


  • Naili Surayya M.Yanis
  • Rahmat Hidayat
  • Harrie Lutfie


Towards the Industrial Revolution 4.0 it develops and manages good relationships with customers, using Instagram as a social media that is the company's liaison with customers with the aim of building customer involvement. This study aims to study the effect of Instagram (X) content marketing on customer engagement (Y) case studies on Elzatta Bandung in 2019.
This type of research is a quantitative research method. The data analysis technique that we do is a simple linear regression. With respondents as many as 110 people who understand and follow ElzattaInstagram.
Based on the questionnaire distributed by the researcher, the results of respondents' responses to Elzatta Instagram content marketing by 72.49% were included in the good category and the involvement of customers who formed Elzatta was 73.95%, which also included good categories using the continuum row.
The results of this study are representations of Instagram content marketing on the involvement of Elzatta customers with the results of t content marketing test results (X) 2,501> t_table 1.66. And the contribution of content marketing was 68.4% where 31.6% were asked or requested by other factors that were not approved by the authors such as place, promotion, price, and other factors.