Rainfall Measurement Method Using Tipping Bucket Raingauge


  • Amri Khurniawan
  • Suci Aulia
  • Dadan Nur Ramadan


Rainfall is total of rainwater that fall into an area which is measured in time domain. Rainfall measurement can be conclude as 1 mm if the water as high as 1 mm / m2 can be collected without evaporation, seeping water, and also flowing water. Rain variation is different in each region, so it needs a measurement to calculate a rainfall on each points location in a region.
In this study, a system that can be used to calculate rainfall in real time is proposed by the algebraic approach using four rainfall measurement locations to determine the volume of rainfall in the rainfall measurement area. This system is a real time device that uses an Automatic Rain Gauge with the tip of the bucket as a rainfall sensor. The bucket tip calibration method is the ratio between the volume of water collected and the volume of rainfall per 1mm. This device is connected to firebase to show the value of rainfall to the website as media information in real time.
In this paper presents a rainfall counter with automatic rain gauge that uses tipping bucket sensor. The information of rainfall will be easier to get because it will showing and updating in real time on website with this system. In the study, the data experiment that used was 10.13 Kb. Based on testing, rainfall measurement approach 1.46 mm with 91 % of accuracy on tipping bucket. Rain detector could detecting 100 % of accuracy with power availability more or less 69 hours.