Design and Simulation of Pushrod Suspension System


  • Shriniwas S Metan
  • Saleek Bijapure
  • Mayur Mukkawar


The suspension system of modern vehicle still has heavy unsprung components which reduce the performance of vehicle considering comfort, roll stability, bump steer etc. Reducing the unsprung mass of the conventional suspension system will increase the quality and performance of vehicle which includes better kinematic simulation of wishbones for better ride control and use of different alloys for wheel assembly and VMC machining over casting for different components etc. The design starts with vehicle kinematics considering changes in wheel motion while in dynamic condition. The simulation was carried out in Lotus Shark Suspension Analysis, thus the hard points were determined. With these hard points solid modeling of wheel assembly was modeled consisting of Upright, Bearings, Hub and rod ends etc. All the solid modelling was done in Solid works student edition. For the manufacturing of wheel assembly Aluminum alloys (6061/7075-T6) were used. Pushrod suspension system was selected as it gives more flexibility while packaging, easy modifications and less unsprung mass.