An Investigation into the Influence on HR Planning on Organisational Effectiveness with Respect to IT Firms in Chennai


  • A. Shameem
  • J. Rengamani


With the human resources being accepted as the most valuable asset of any organisation, in spite of it having a complex nature due to varying personalities and characteristics of individuals. It Is only through human asset that any organisation would be able to achieve it goals. Human asset is case of IT firms in is constant demand and can be no means be replaced by people are in constant demand, but, cannot be easily replaced by technology or moved around like other assets of the organisation. The objective of this study is to identify the influence of human resources planning on employee commitment, know the influence of or employee commitment on organisational effectiveness and to find out significant differences between demographic variables on employee commitment. The study is descriptive in nature and has been carried out in the IT sector among middle managerial level HR Professionals. The results of the study prove that in order to ensure effective human resource planning there would be a need to strike the right balance between effective employees on one hand and effective service on the other.