Reproducible MAC units using Fir Filter Design


  • Sonu Kumar
  • Pradeep Kumar
  • Prasad Janga


In digital signal processing, filters are being used in almost all devices. The useful part of the signal is being used by the filter, and the required parts of the signals are delivered to the receivers. The FIR"s filters is an combination of multiplier and additive, which is use for devices with linear characteristic. In this paper the FIR filter is structured using a reusable Radix's 4 booths multipliers and a Ripple carry additive. A mixture of Radix 4, Booths Multipliers & Ripple Carry Add makes the FIR's filters fasters. The RTL's mixture is terminated using Xilinx 14.7 and reproduction is terminated using Xilinx. In this work we contrast the Finite Drive Reaction filter and the MAC unit and comprising of Radix 4 booth multiplier with FIR filter with Vedic multiplier. By the proposed work of FIR filter with MAC unit we can get effective results In' term off size, detection & powers consumptions aspects.