Sports Tourism in Tamil Nadu- Problems and Prospects


  • T. Milton


Sports tourism is an intricate phenomenon. It refers to travel, which involves either observing or participating in a sporting event while staying apart from the tourists usual environment. Sports tourism is a fast-evolving part of the tourism industry. It is traveling to a country or state and to participate in a sports event or just to watch the event.
Tamil Nadu being a state which ranks first in attracting both domestic and foreign tourists arrival is well connected with other states and countries. It has also the necessary infrastructure for conducting various types of sports and games . Several national and international sports and games were conducted in Chennai and parts of Tamil Nadu. More over Tamil Nadu has lots of sports buffs who participate in the sports events and enjoy watching sports. The Tamil Nadu sports fans do encourage a variety of sports from track and field events, hockey, football, cricket, kabadi, basket ball, shuttle badminton, volley ball and tennis to name a few. More sports tourists visit Tamil nadu for participating in sports and to watch also as the State has bequeathed with grounds, hotels and other entertainment factors. Of late Kabadi, IPL league ,BPL league , Tennis tournaments, Football , Cricket and Kabadi tournaments were held in Chennai which attracted several sports enthusiasts .
Though the Sports tourism is growing, it has few problems and prospects in Tamil Nadu. The problems are language, fewer sports infrastructure facilities for certain games , less sponsorship facilities, low availability of sports kits and grounds, and a smaller amount of support from State Government and public sectors . The prospects are more tournaments are going to be conducted in the future in Tamil Nadu as there are sports fans, sportsperson, coaches and other necessary facilities. In this research article, the researcher has tried his level best to comprehend the problems in Tamil Nadu in sports tourism and has explored the avenues for prospects and suggestions. The warm hospitality of Tamils, tourist friendly environment, blameless law and order, good administration of the State has enabled the sports organizers to conduct the sports event often .If the Sponsors, State Government, Public sectors and people try to motivate and encourage the various sports and games events, the State will go a long way in being called as Sports Capital of India.