Eliminating Greenhouse Gas by Carbon Dioxide Curing of Concrete


  • N. Nisha


Curing plays a significant role in concrete. To avoid faster hydration process which feeds to thermal shrinkage cracks, water curing is done to maintain adequate temperature for the hydration process — this study emphasis on curing of concrete by greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide curing is an heat liberating chemical reaction which liberates water for fuller curing of concrete. The study is done on 150x150x150 mm concrete cube specimens cured by passing Carbon dioxide at a tow pressure of l0lit/min for 2hrs end 4 hrs with a sustention in the airtight chamber for 24 hrs under 50% RH at 27°C. The compressive strength test is performed in CTM. Carbon dioxide causes significant effects in the atmosphere by causing global warming. Carbon dioxide is liberated into the atmosphere in the form of hot gas from the cement manufacturing industries. With the help of CO2 cur-ing, we can reduce CO2 from tonnes to kilos. This project can replace water curing and reduce the emis-sion of CO2 into the atmosphere by recycling the some in attaining 90% of concrete strength in 1day.