Work Life Balance of Women Employees in Manufacturing Sector with Respect to Madras Export Processing Zone (MEPZ)


  • P. S. Immaculate
  • K. Maran


In the present competitive environment, the bloom of manufacturing sector is at a fast and an effective growing rate among stall the other sectors. India is the fastest rapidly growing country globally, thanks for the various initiatives which are given by the Government, the privileges given to the various sectors, advancement of technologies and tie ups with other global companies. Due to the foreign investment in India, many manufacturing sectors have their high impact in the Gross rate of the nation. In this context effective employee motivation is very essential for the success of any organization, the classical perspective of the management was essentially rational and analytical and the employee’s emotions were not taken into consideration. In motivating process the human capital and the organizations have to capture their employees hearts and minds, which can be achieved by incorporating the magical term “Work life balance” amongst the working employees. In the present day work scenario, it is merely not the intelligence or the technical competence, would estimate one’s satisfaction or success at the workplace; it is the “skills of people” or their work life balance that seems to have a vital role. The imbalance of work life will not only influence their emotions, but also on the productivity of the organization which may lead to a greater mishap among other companies. Globalization and the strive for competitiveness are nowadays making all the companies to focus on their core competencies and outsource the noncore business processes. This provides an opportunity to global companies to relocate such processes in India. India has inherent strengths to support his. In this aspect the study was done to find out the work life balance of women in manufacturing sector..