Impact Behavior of Ferrocement Slabs with High Strength Mortar


  • C. Makendran
  • S. Santhosh Prabhu
  • K. K. Pregina
  • A. Thirumurugan
  • S. Rajakumar


Developing countries have an increasing the building construction using various alternate materials due to materials constraint. Building construction in developing countries are undertaken as a combination of alternative materials and reducing the structure sizes to economize costs. In this regards, the investigation of ferrocement slabs subjected to impact test. A total of 4 slabs were casted and tested, the size of these slabs are of 300m x 300mm x 25mm. These slabs were cast by varying the number and size of reinforcing mesh layers. Cement mortar matrix mix for ferrocement slabs was finalized by developing 5 mixes of high strength mortar. A mix of ratio 1:1 mortar with 90% cement, 10% silica fume and M-sand gives the compressive strength of 80-90MPa, therefore it is adopted as a best mix for ferrocement slab. Further welded mesh of 2 and 4 layers of 60mm and 30mm openings were used as reinforcement for these slabs. The results concluded that impact strength and energy were increases with increased in mesh layers and mesh size.