Design and Fabrication of a Semi-Automatic Flower Tying Machine


  • Grynal D’Melloa
  • Jason Nigel D’Souza
  • Jeevan Alex Lobo
  • Preethesh D’Souza
  • Xanely D’Souza


Flowers have been an integral part of India’s rich culture and heritage and are used on all occasions for centuries. Whether it is a wedding, worship or medicinal practices; flowers form an important part of living in Indian culture and tradition. This has led to the appreciation of flowers not only for their aesthetic value but also for their economic importance. This paper aims in presenting a semi-automatic flower tying machine using conveyor belt, gripper assembly and the knotting mechanisms. Initially the flowers are placed on the conveyor belt manually by hand. The flowers are passed through the conveyor belt towards the gripper. Gripper assembly is fixed at another end of the conveyor belt which is used to pick the flowers. Then the knot can be made by the knotting mechanisms.