Experimental and Numerical Simulation Procedure of Multi Stage Drawing Operation of a Star Shape


  • Ali T. Ikal
  • Waleed K. Jawad


In this paper, the multi-stage deep drawing operation is done to produce the star shape in two methods using experimental procedure and the finite element model. The first method (direct) was implemented out to produce the star shape for the firststagedrawn from the circular blank sheet, while the second and third stage,the shapes are produced by redrawing the star shapes for the first and second stages respectively, the second method(indirect)was implemented by redrawing the cylindrical shapes into a star shapesfor the three stages.The three stages deep drawing operation was completed to do theexperimental procedure required for production a star shapes with inner dimensions (23.4 mm by 19.19 mm),the circular blankssheets (80 mm diameter) of low carbon steel sheets of (0.08%) were used in this research. FE program code (ANSYS 18.0) is used to model the multi-stagedeep drawing operation. The aim of the research is to produce a star shape in two methods (direct and indirect method) for the three stages. From the comparison between the results, it was found that,severe deformationwith the direct method of the second and third stages,the top of drawing load that required for producing the star shape by direct method is higher than the top of drawing load required for produce the star shape by indirect method for the three stages. Also noted produce completely star shape without defects with indirect method when comparing with the direct method for the three stages.