The Significance of Service Performance for Residential Housing Development in New Zealand


  • Radyan Dananjoyo
  • Ali Ghaffarian Hoseini
  • Hosam Alden Riyadh
  • Udin Udin


This study identifies the service excellence impacts in deciding the decision of house purchase and examining the satisfaction of post-purchase for house owners in New Zealand. Results of the multiple regression analysis, according to 414 questionnaires, confirm that: reliable services highly affect the customer purchase decisions. The study also confirms that the house developer’s satisfactory performance directs to maintaining a convenient relationship with the house owner. It indicates to the right house owner purchase decision and improves the business opportunities for the house developer. The motivation of the house owner is critical to house developers as they have to be thoughtful before starting a new project. House developers are expected to be aware of what the market concerns and plan their projects to anticipate homeowners’ demand. The main contribution of this study is the critical factor finding of service excellence.