Features of the Investigation of Crimes in the Field of It: The Current State and Prospects for Development


  • Yuliia Chornous
  • Denys Shylin
  • Liubov Omelchuk
  • Anastasiia Antoniuk
  • Vadym Pozhar


The rapid scientific and technological progress and the development of Internet technologies make it possible to open up great opportunities for its social and economic development. At the same time, the results of scientific and technological progress create new prospects for the commission of various crimes. The analysis of legislation, special literature, and practice materials shows that, with considerable attention to the problems of Internet crimes, the features of their investigation remain insufficiently covered in the scientific literature today and are underdeveloped in practice. This determines the relevance of the topic of this article. The purpose of this work is to identify the features of the investigation of crimes in the field of IT, as well as to clarify the current state of investigations of this category of crimes and prospects. The object of the study is the crimes in the field of IT, as well as the public relations associated with their commission. The subject of the study is the mechanism of committing crimes in the field of IT, the patterns of occurrence of traces and features of their investigation activities. The research methodology is a general scientific and special methods of scientific knowledge. As a result of the research, the features of the investigation of crimes in the field of IT were identified; the specifics of the organization and planning of the initial and subsequent stages of investigation of crimes in this category are established; formulated typical investigative situations that may arise during the investigation of the specified category of crimes; the tactics of conducting individual investigative actions of the initial and subsequent stages of the investigation (review of the scene, interrogation, search, seizure) are investigated, as well as the prospects of the development of IT crimes are investigated and recommendations for their investigation are developed and offered.