The Mediating Role of Environmental Collaborations in the Relationship Manufacturing Technologies and Green Innovation among Firms in Thai Sports Industry


  • Jetsalid Angsukanjanakul
  • Saroge Vasuvanich


The study has examined the mediating role of environmental collaborations in the relationship manufacturing technologies and green innovation among firms in Thai sports industry. The response rate of the study is 47 percent. The hypotheses are aligned with the design of research questions and by using the smart PLS 3.1.2 which is also known as the second-generation multivariate data analysis, we have analyzed the reliability and validity of the instrument by the assessment of structural and measurement model. The results show the important mediating role of internal environmental collaboration between the green innovation and modern manufacturing technologies. For the examination of fundamental mechanism, the current study has addressed the need for empirical study that how the adoption of modern manufacturing technologies increases the green innovation. The results have provided the beneficial extension of modern manufacturing technologies and green innovation by ensuring that for the firms it is important to understand the fundamental relation between the adoption of modern manufacturing technologies and fostering green innovation. Firstly, the current study we have imperially examine the association between modern manufacturing technologies and green innovation at measurement level and have incorporated modern manufacturing technologies as an ancestor of green innovation. Secondly, we have also developed complete theoretical model that with the use of modern manufacturing technologies how green innovation of the firm can get benefits with important mediator that is internal environmental collaboration. Thirdly with the context of developing economy the current study will increase the literature of green innovation. Our findings will be helpful for the managers of Thai sports industry that how to deal with problems in green innovation because of implementations of modern manufacturing technologies.