Modeling of Intelligent Mechanical System for Detection and Mitigation of Air Pollution Using IIOT Sensor


  • R. Sangeetha
  • T. G. Ramabharathi


Recently, Industrial air pollution affected by air quality, dangerous to health of millions of peoples. Condensation of cryogenic principle provided for inside purification of air changed at humidifiers, air conditioners,fitness benefits of weight energy consumption. Air pollution emits in industrial such as combustion of fuels, gasoil, fuel oil, and natural gas. The industrial and outdoor air purification technologies of air are not satisfied, some disadvantages as poor efficiency, pollutants limits target are needed to replace adsorbents, filters, the harmful products by generation. In this research to reduce the air pollutions or control the air pollution at intelligent mechanical system (IMS) and then to sense pollution by using IIOT advanced sensor. Further to optimize the proposed IMS machine techniques has been integrated. Then to reduce energy consumption, network life time precision or accuracy, and mean square error. Application of this machine used to industrial pollution, outdoor pollution and indoor air pollutions.