A Review of Users’ Intentions Towards the Adoption of 4G Mobile Services


  • Sandeep Kumar Mohapatra


The Indian mobile users now have a huge appetite for data and mobile services which has been fueled by 4G adoption and market penetration strategies adopted by Reliance JIO. Telecom companies have come to realize the importance of retaining their customers and ensuring their satisfaction. As the customers are becoming more rational and informed, and with the exponential growth in the service offerings of the competitors, companies operating within the telecom industry need to be on their feet to survive and outperform in the cut-throat competition.
In light of such considerations, the present study reviewed the factors influencing the users' intention to adopt 4G services in India and the strategies being followed by the telecom service providers. The study also summarizes the limited literature to reach a conclusive stance on the strategies that can be used by the telecom companies to preserve and amplify their market share.
The review uncovered that in the telecommunication industry, disruptive market strategies, market penetration, mergers, acquisitions, tie-ups with the smartphone manufacturers, market segmentation, quality considerations, economy pricing, and aggressive tariffing are the strategies currently in use. The users' 4G adoption intent relies on their ability to access less complicated, user-friendly and modernized voice and data services at competitive prices. Thus, the telecom companies can focus on rendering user-friendly experience while simultaneously prioritizing quality enhancement, customization, increased network coverage, and competitive pricing to outwit their competitors.