A Study of Perceived Barriers for Entrepreneurship Development among Management Students


  • Rajesh N. Pahurkar
  • Ashutosh Kolte
  • Surbhi Jain


It won’t be an exaggeration to say majority of students perusing graduation or post graduation have first objective of getting salaried job after acquiring educational certificate. The very basic purpose of education in our society is considered as ticket to get safe job in almost all stream of studies like both professional and non professional. Those who could not get any job and had no hopes after all-tries of getting any kind of salaried job then, at the end thinks of starting any small business. Now days because of startup culture promotion by government and various educational institutes giving small push to students to think of entrepreneurship as full time career as like regular salaried job, but the number is still very small. This incited the need to understand what causing student community to adverse entrepreneurship activities. This paper may be the guiding tool, to find out what are perceived barriers for entrepreneurial activities or as career option by students. Understanding some of the perceived barriers and what would be action to reduce it or vanish it will be of great use to educational institutes and government agencies to promote entrepreneurship.