A Study on Primitive Technology Videos in YouTube – Their Relevance and Acceptance by the Respondent’s


  • Harshitha M M
  • Sunayana N


Primitive Technology is related to oldest technology which influences the present generation to know the survival skills.The videos are made by using the wild materials completely, without using modern tools or materials. The objective of paper is to understand the importance of natural materials available in the forest and impact of Primitive Technology Videos on the human Behavior. From the analysis of primary data it is understood that most of the people are curious to know the things about the oldest form of life. Primitive technology is not just showing the survival skills of the old age, it is more than that, it’s like seeing the advancement in the technology by tapping the play button and going to the past in the video, which take us beyond our imagination. It is a platform in which one can understand and adopt the surviving skills without the help of modern technology and it also makes sure one can survive with the help of forest resources. It also influences the people in conserving the rich natural resources for the future emergency needs for the living benefits. The case with which the tools are created also increases the liking of the primitive technology videos. People generally feel, they can create all the tools very easily. This gives a sense of accomplishment and achievement. Therefore they watch these videos and subscribe to these.