Management of Potential Tourism Attraction in the Kampung Pelangi Nelayan in the Village of Kurau


  • Devi Valeriani
  • Aning Kesuma Putri
  • Mu’alimah Hudatwi


Kampung Pelangi Nelayan is an area of which population is dominated by fishermen. It is famous as a crossing area to the main tourist attraction namely Ketawai Island. This study describes the things that explain how the potential of the Pelangi Fisherman Village destination serves as an alternative for tourists before heading to other tourist attractions.Descriptive methods are applied with qualitative data obtained through observation, interviews and documentation studies. Data analysis techniques are performed by data reduction, data presentation, data verification, and triangulation. The results obtained are used to explain the potential for tourist attraction and the constraints that exist in the Pelau Fisherman Village in the Village of Kurau. The results show that the management of tourist attraction through the strengthening of the 6 M (Man, Money, Materials, Methods, Machines, and Market) will make the potential of tourist attraction an opportunity to move towards the economic independence of the Kurau Village with the participation of local governments and awareness of the village community.